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Welcome to the Wikilyser

Wikilyser is a nice tool, which can be used to generate variuos statistics for contributors to use.


  • Support of small to medium sized mediawiki projects (including Wikipedia in many languages and its sister projects)
  • Initialization from xml dump, so statistics generation has no impact on project performance
  • Wide range of generated statistics with ability to fine-tune each one
  • Automatic submit of generated statistics to a project as an article

Statistics that can be generated with latest version:

  • List of most wanted articles - different from standard mediawiki list as you can choose to count only "strong" links (in text, excluding links in templates) or only "weak" links. Also you can get a list of most wanted by category (for examply most wanted articles for pages in category Geography)
  • List of most linked stubs - helps identify stubs which are most important to extend
  • List of most linked articles - shows most important articles in a project or category
  • List of shortests non-stubs (or stubs) - helps catch potential stubs, pages to merge, etc. Can be generated for a single category
  • List of longest stubs (non-stubs) - helps to identify non-stubs marked as stubs, also pages to split. Can be generated for a single category
  • Count of stubs (any granularity), disambigs, full pages - helps maintaining a healthy project by keeping stub level low
  • List of disambiguation pages with at least one page linked to it - shows pages which need to be processed by solve_disambiguation.py (or solved manually)
  • Weighted list of shortest articles - articles are sorted by word/link, so you can see short pages with huge amount of links and maybe mark those articles as stubs or expand them
  • List of uncategorized articles
  • List of lonely pages
  • List of pages without interwiki links for whole project, single category. Also may be generated excluding single category - for example in Lithuanian Wikipedia most Lithuania related pages do not have interwikis, so those can be excluded
  • List of articles without images (for whole project or by category)
  • Category tree - whole category tree, or a branch
  • Category statistics - percent of pages in selected categories (to see category "weights"), also percent of stubs/images in those categories


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